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Focused on enhancing the adoption of its AI platform, Venzee is revolutionizing the way e-commerce is conducted.FanDom Sports can also call upon an experienced advisory board chaired by professional athletes, celebrities and executives with decades of experience in the sports and entertainment industries.Software offerings easy to implement and scale without creating excessive overhead.She spent 18 years at the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, a self-regulatory organization created by Congress to oversee the municipal securities market, where she served as Associate General Counsel.

YDreams became the first Brazilian-based tech company to be listed on TSX Ventures in July of 2016.Richard Lu has more than 25 years of global experience developing and implementing business strategies for organizations in North America, Europe and Asia.Bion is equally confident the credits it can verify through livestock waste treatment represent some of the few large-scale low-cost solutions available at this time.

In addition to increasing efficiency, the LPD process is cost-reductive.Home; Adam smith; capital asset; depreciation; durable; economics; s; non-renewable resource; physical capital; production; service; stock.For this particular feature, RESAAS has been granted multiple awards within the tech and real estate industries.He had his post-doctoral training from the Michigan State University.As a first mover in its space, Venzee aims to target the logistical data needs of this goliath industry, facilitating data exchange between ecommerce vendors and retailers, decreasing costs and increasing revenue.Used in a wide variety of industries, the global market for feldspar is expected to hit 25.6 million tonnes by 2022.A Certified Professional Accountant, Barry spent much of his early career expanding his responsibilities in financial management with an international Telco and a major Canadian Bank.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Simon Fraser University, a Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant designation from the American College.He has also led Circadence as COO since 1999 and has served on many boards as both chairman and director.

His extensive network of contacts and personal relationships has enabled him to assemble a growing team aimed at unearthing the potential of technological advancements in the biomedical, agriculture, and technology sectors.During the past 15 years, Skoda has worked as a consultant and in a supervisory capacity as a shift boss, superintendent, or project manager for various mining and exploration companies.This encourages buyers to become engaged in auctions and facilitates quick turnover in inventory.

Natcore Technology Inc. (TSXV: NXT ) is an advanced research and development solar cell technology company focused on revolutionizing the solar industry through increased efficiency and reduced costs.He obtained a bachelor degree in computer science and a minor in business from Siena College in New York.PowerBand also signed an integration and revenue sharing agreement with Quantech Software Inc. in July 2017.The company has a growing pipeline of diagnostic and prognostic products under development for cancers and neurological disorders.Early in 2014, he co-founded InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc, a biopharmaceutical company.

Jeff Koyen—Strategic Advisor, President and CEO of 360 Blockchain USA.The platform will function as a reward economy built on its own cryptocurrency token.He has years of experience in accounting, business leadership, and the legal aspects of governance.Other integral PowerBand solutions include its market analytics platform, based on records from over a quarter of a million vehicles, and its standardized appraisal system.

In turn, FanDom Sports users can bet on the outcome of arguments using a virtual currency.One in four people in the United States struggle with Oculomotor Sensory system issues that go beyond the ability to see clearly.Recently, Bion has stated that it is targeting the bill for consideration in the Senate in December, with passage some time after the New Year.Best Practice Compliance: Pre-populated with regulatory guidance, industry best practices and artifacts to help users capture compliance information and complete compliance assessments to meet regulatory requirements.

She is also passionate about real estate and co-owner of a firm with over 100 rentals in its portfolio.He has worked across many functions within Coca-Cola Canada, and most recently he has led Distribution and Fleet for all Distribution Centers across the country.The graphene market is expected to expand dramatically after 2017 with a 60 percent compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020.MarketPlace Auction caters foremost to car manufacturers, leasing and rental companies, who can use the service to quickly dispose of retired fleet vehicles.Coalition for an Affordable Bay Solution, formed to support the creation of a competitively bid nitrogen trading program in Pennsylvania.Chester Burtt—Director of Communications and Government Affairs.

Burtt graduated with a B.A. (Honors) from Waterloo Lutheran University and an M.A. from Wilfrid Laurier University in Political Science.Perry has been involved in all facets of business including statutory reporting, internal controls, legal aspects as well as all administrative responsibilities.Currently, approximately 500 megawatts of power are dedicated to cryptocurrency mining across the world.Innovative patent-pending technology designed to transform food waste into water that can be used on-site, meeting municipal discharge standards.The goal is to develop patented products that preempt market trends — particularly in the field of immersive VR experiences.

Under their leadership the Brazilian operation soon became independent and has had a leading role in many international projects.He has conducted many waste treatment and environmental projects overseas, such as in USA, Australia, Singapore, China, India, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and others.Importantly, the display enables children to create and care for their own virtual pet fish, with a unique species, color and size.Scott has held various full- and part-time, as well as consulting, positions with the Company.

First silver-free, high-efficiency solar cell technology, ready for market in 2016.Demand for PCBs—which are basically the heart of every electronic device—covers a diverse range of industries with the most potential for opportunity seen in the consumer electronics, medical devices, military tech, aerospace, automotive and telecom sectors.