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KerCHING: CringeTrading, thunderwolf, interesting report on rt today about legalised pot prices crashing, could impact the crypto pot price.

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AWildKeccakAppears: Massdebater, anon by default like monero is strictly better than anon as an option.Sponsored by Private Internet Access, a Bitcoin-accepting VPN.Yet, I have to agree that recent rise in price is a little bit too rapid and unsustainable (just like the whole Market right now).

Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 5/3-5/10: Bitcoin Sideways, XMR

DOCinTheBox: theBunk, Spread the instamined word let them all know. discussion : Monero -

I only us it on a pullback thats unjustified like XMR 50% retrace and I got back in.CryptoCatfish: lobujit, It has some cool features.instant send and automatic payments.This look like a MM to me.CryptoCatfish: lennontime getting rekt right now.He shorted dash at 165.Herbalist: bobdoe, yeah theres some info but its like the miners make guides for other miners and people that are alreaddy techy guys n stuff.

H7USHKA: Msaghirmd, You should take out another mortage on your home and just buy monero.VenomGhost: mineriacrypto, I CANT cancel at this stage sorry If I confused you there.KerCHING: fallenzz, eth revealed a weakness. btc is orders of magnitute more secure than any other crypto.StocksnBlondes: FreakinJohn, hold on let me see if i can find the article agian.DEXALL: lookup, I had to write BEEF banned for 1 hour though, just to keep up the polo tradtion.CryptoCatfish: sh4dow, He is a longtime member of whaleclub and an excellent trader.

No idea of the time could be weeks, months, years just have to wait because it will go there.Berlin - Germany; Fort Worth - United States; Hamburg - Germany; Milan - Italy; Madrid - Spain; San Diego - United States.RustyPaper: lobujit, maybe, ive always been burnt from the TrollBox.

This trading chat comes from the chat box on an active altcoin trading website.Snorlax: lobujit, Of course nobody can tell the future, but I do not expect dash to succeed.Por dAVo. En 2011 hará justo 20 años que los de Seattle publicaron su primer disco, una maravilla llamada “Ten” (1991), un disco que en lo que a mi respecta (lo.

VenomGhost: 3634334, Bots exists in every exchange not just here and thus are legal, they are not controlled by the exchange either but individuals just like you.CryptoCatfish: lennontime, Like where you want to get out of the trade if you are wrong.I do this because I really believe Monero is bigger than any site, including mine,. comments/6vxnlj/localmoneroco_is_now_open_finally_moneros_own/ permalink.Herbalist: Alphamode, im no longer a trader noob maby but when it comes to techincal stuff blockchains coding i am noob:p.

Pumped to 0.02 I think and then deslisted like 2 months later.DustOff: sh4dow, I suggest reading about those with most volume on polo.SideShowBob: im gonna have to take up a new habit.mabe dwarfs and feathers will take my mind off it.

Unlim8ed: dvsbmx, banhammer is when you get hit in the pink bits.Drez: Thunderf00t is about to see if a 1000 degree Celcius gummy bear can melt 1g of pure gold.

I guess there are a lot more people just holding btc or XMR than maid.Msaghirmd: I agree, thioridazine dash price increase is bizarre.

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GodAlmighty: zhalox, I was waiting on his new project that he dropped boolberry for and he just disappeared.SideShowBob: its gonna be 73F here today and thats almost too hot for this time of year i want cooler weather.

Rippler: regenerativemusic, wild wedst crytpto era you can have 100 polo accounts.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: adre.giraudo, or u can set a stop limit and it will sell when it hits that price, so if u dont wanna sell to the highest buyer but want to avoid a dump.The kind of software they seem to be trying to build could potentially be very useful.Herbalist: KerCHING, yeah thought so. well ill give it a try i mean i knew nothing about trading but learned everything form scratch 2.DOCinTheBox: BrainStormer, stick with XMR and you will see big things.Tempers: stephenmac7: there are many off the wall insurnace schemes.Gains: horizonstrader, its never really been a currency more like a commodity.DustOff: lennontime, i guess that would be english breakfast or something.